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Denmark / Faeroes Islands

Visiting the descendants of the Vikings

date of entry 24/04/2009
mileage 646,141


capital Kopenhagen

area 43.094 km²

population 5.627.235

GDP 333,2 BIll. US-Dollar

official language Danish

Faeroes Islands

capital Tórshavn

area 1.395,74 km²

population 49.947

GDP 9.699 M.

official language Faroese/Danish

Christine and Gunther Holtorf didn’t spend much time in Germany’s northern neighbour. From Denmark they travelled to Iceland, with a stopover on the Faroe Islands. On the way back from Sweden, Gunther Holtorf passed through Denmark for a second time.
  • A view of the sea. Fishing, fish farming and tourism are the most important industries on these islands, which have a raw Atlantic climate.
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  • The Holtorfs didn’t spend long in Denmark en route to Iceland. They drove directly…
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  • …to the ferry in Esbjerg, so that they could travel on to Iceland with Otto. Their stopover was on the Faroe Islands. This is an autonomous group of islands in the North Atlantic, which forms part of the Kingdom of Denmark.
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  • The 50,000 or so inhabitants regard themselves as an independent people and are descended from the Vikings. Arriving in the harbour at Tórshavn, the capital of the islands.
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  • The red houses with turf roofs are similar to those in Denmark, but the Faroese people speak their own language, which is influenced by Norwegian and Icelandic.
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