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Costa Rica

One of the safest destinations for tourists in Central America.

date of entry 06/02/1999
mileage 243,291

capital Provinz San José

area 51.100 km²

population 4.301.712

GDP 26.238 M. US-Dollar

official language Spanish

Of all the states in Central America, Costa Rica made the best impression on the Holtorfs. In addition to the feeling of safety, the couple were inspired especially by the clean Caribbean beaches, the dense primeval forest and the stone remains left by the original inhabitants.
  • The first Mayan pyramid that the Holtorfs saw with their own eyes during their journey through Central America. Christine is sitting on the bottom steps of the structure.
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  • The crossing from Panama to Costa Rica. Space on the ferry was tight; Otto was squeezed against the left-hand edge.
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  • The Spanish influence is also clear from the architectural style of the churches.
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  • Christine Holtorf stood beside a tree to illustrate its height. Its trunk is nearly squeezed by the roots of a wild fig tree.
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  • Relaxing on the beach near Limón. Christine Holtorf was making notes for her diary. After taking this photo, Gunther Holtorf lay down in the hammock.
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  • Several rivers had to be crossed during the journey through Costa Rica. Here, Otto had pole position on the ferry.
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  • Video: Costa Rica – a safe haven for tourists