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Travelling with great care and in short stages through this country in the northern part of South America.

date of entry 14/12/1998
mileage 233,496

capital Bogotá

area 1.138.748 km²

population 46.413.791

GDP 328,4 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Spanish

Friends had warned the Holtorfs against driving through this country. Criminal gangs which made large amounts of money through the drugs trade had whole regions under their control. However, they ventured from one place to the next after consulting the police and the military. Everything went well, and the couple encountered, not bandits, but nothing other than friendly and helpful people.
  • But the Holtorfs also greatly enjoyed the mountain landscape on the drive from Peru towards Brazil.
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  • Otto, with a thin layer of dust, parked outside a colourful row of houses in Cartagena.
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  • Gunther Holtorf describes the city in the north of the country as having a "relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere".
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  • Video: Colombia – every step has to be planned

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date of entry 14 December 1998
mileage 233,510