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Endless expanses of land, days of driving and, at last, a larger range products to choose from in the supermarkets

date of entry 16/08/1999
mileage 272,400

capital Ottawa

area 9.984.670 km²

population 35.158.304

GDP 1.736 Bill. US-Dollar

official language English/French

Canada feels much closer to Europe than does the USA, Gunther Holtorf thinks. Together with his wife Christine, he travelled extensively across the country from east to west. Coming from the United States, the Holtorfs were delighted by the wide choice in the bakeries and in the supermarkets’ cheese sections, especially in the French-speaking province of Quebec.
  • The border between the USA and Canada runs straight through the Niagara River. The better view of the famous Niagara Falls is to be had from the Canadian side in the province of Ontario.
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  • Endless expanses: Gunther Holtorf was able to let Otto roll along the roads for days on end.
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  • To this day, cabins are still built in the traditional style from tree trunks. Canada has no shortage of wood.
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  • A photo stop for a dirty Otto: From the Saint Lawrence River, the journey continued northwards to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
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  • An amusing collection of signs by the roadside. It may have been the work of one globetrotter, or perhaps several: some of the signs came from Germany.
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  • The maple leaf: this red, oak-like leaf is Canada’s national symbol and is also found on the country’s flag.
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  • Elk antlers: a hunter had evidently piled up his trophies here.
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  • The red of these bushes reminded the Holtorfs of German heathland scenery.
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  • A fishing village on the coast. As a former airline employee, Gunther Holtorf took an interest during this trip in Goose Bay and Gander, both of which were alternate airfields for early transatlantic flights if the fuel tank was down to reserve or the engines failed.
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  • Otto outside a bed-and-breakfast establishment: when it turned cold, Gunther and Christine allowed themselves the luxury of a warm bedroom.
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  • Video: Canada – fulfilment of an old dream

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date of entry 26 August 1999
mileage 277,707


date of entry 05 September 1999
mileage 282,089


date of entry 06 September 1999
mileage 282,457


date of entry 07 September 1999
mileage 282,946


date of entry 19 September 1999
mileage 287,605


date of entry 16 October 1999
mileage 296,916


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mileage 299,154


date of entry 23 September 2001
mileage 305,117


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mileage 315,957


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mileage 318,817


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mileage 320,050


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mileage 325,622


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mileage 332,223


date of entry 31 January 2002
mileage 333,337

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date of entry 05 February 2002
mileage 334,385


date of entry 07 February 2002
mileage 334,970


date of entry 12 February 2002
mileage 336,607

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date of entry 17 February 2002
mileage 336,985


date of entry 27 February 2002
mileage 338,431


date of entry 07 March 2002
mileage 339,391


date of entry 10 March 2002
mileage 339,880


date of entry 25 March 2002
mileage 344,637


date of entry 25 March 2002
mileage 344,837


date of entry 26 March 2002
mileage 344,963