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A detour to visit a tiny kingdom

date of entry 22/11/2005
mileage 510,999

capital Thimphu

area 38.394 km²

population 716.896

GDP 3.266 M. US-Dollar

official language Dzongkha

Bhutan serves as a buffer between India and China. Gunther and Christine made a short sidetrip into this little kingdom in 2005. They covered just 76 kilometres and spent one night there.
  • Wheeling and dealing at the cattle market Bhutan’s agricultural sector is not particularly productive, and is often unable to meet the country’s needs.
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  • Gunther, Christine and Otto entered the kingdom of Bhutan from India
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  • As these Buddhist prayer flags flutter in the wind, they carry the prayers and mantras printed on them to heaven.
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  • Believers also combine physical and spiritual activity by spinning prayer wheels
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  • Many people visit a temple to pray. Bhutan receives few tourists compared to its neighbours, so the worshippers are left largely in peace.
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  • Video: Bhutan - a kingdom surrounded by giants

Otto was here before ...


date of entry 23 November 2005
mileage 511,075