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The only former British colony in Central America.

date of entry 07/03/1999
mileage 248,249

capital Belmopan

area 22.966 km²

population 327.719

GDP 1.274 M. US-Dollar

official language English

In Belize, English is the official language. Despite independence from Britain, the Queen is still the official head of state.
  • Gunther Holtorf changed money into Belize dollars at the tranquil Central Bank.
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  • Stop at customs. Christine Holtorf waited in the car until all the entry formalities had been completed.
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  • Otto’s entry into Belize from the direction of Mexico.
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  • Water taxis deliver their passengers to their destination in Belize City.
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  • Fishing boats lie moored in the harbour.
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  • An election poster above a road junction in Belize City.
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  • The British colonial architectural style is still visible everywhere. The country was known until 1973 as British Honduras.
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  • Video: Belize – Caribbean feeling and swarms of mosquitoes