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Gunther visited this country twice.

date of entry 14/06/2009
mileage 658,068

capital Brussels

area 30.528 km²

population 11.099.554

GDP 513,3 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Belgian

The Kingdom of Belgium is not only known for its fine chocolate and pommes frites. Antwerp, for example, is Europe’s largest diamond trading centre. Otto passed through Belgium several times on the way to Africa and to Great Britain. Gunther Holtorf experienced at first hand the division of the country into Flemish and Walloon areas.
  • On the way to Ireland, Gunther Holtorf parked Otto in front of the 102-metre-high Atomium in Brussels, which was built for the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958.
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  • Entering Belgium. Gunther Holtorf’s first stop was not in the capital Brussels, but in…
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  • … Antwerp. The magnificent Town Hall bears witness to the wealth of the port city. Antwerp has a long tradition of diamond trading and cutting.
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  • The tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady is also very impressive. It has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1999.
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  • Video: Belgium – the country with two cultures