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Bangladesh has the same area as the former German Democratic Republic but ten times the population.

date of entry 29/11/2005
mileage 512,485

capital Dhaka

area 147.570 km²

population 161.000.000

GDP 113,0 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Bengalese

Otto covered around 1,000 kilometres in Bangladesh, and spent much of the time crawling through gridlocked traffic. Bangladesh is a very crowded place, Gunther says. This is particularly true of the capital, Dhaka: "The word full simply doesn’t do it justice." He and Christine saw at first hand what overpopulation means: individuals struggle to survive, and even children have to work hard for a living.
  • This cow dung, plastered on a tree to dry, will be used as fuel for cooking.
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  • This sign pointing to the capital, Dhaka, is written in Latin, Bengali and Hindu scripts
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  • Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries. "It’s about the same area as the former East Germany," Gunther says, "but the population is ten times bigger."
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  • Rickshaws have always been the way best way of getting around in the crowded streets.
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  • Friday prayer in Dhaka: ninety percent of Bangladeshis are Muslims.
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  • The morning rush hour. Gunther says the ferries shuttling across Bangladesh’s rivers were always overloaded …
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  • … and so were the trucks in the streets. He was full of admiration for Bangladeshi people’s ingenuity when it came to loading vehicles.
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  • Child labour was a common sight …
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  • ... this brick factory on the outskirts of Dhaka being one example.
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  • Breaking stones for use on the roads.
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  • Coal imported from India. The trucks are loaded and unloaded entirely by hand.
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  • Video: Bangladesh - a land of extremes

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mileage 513,734


date of entry 29 January 2006
mileage 524,883

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