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Baltic states

Gunther travelled through the Baltic States from south to north: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

date of entry 01/08/2005
mileage 486,635


capital Vilnius

area 65.300 km²

population 2.930.865

GDP 42,718 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Lithuanian


capital Riga

area 64.589 km²

population 1.997.500

GDP 28,38 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Latvian


capital Tallinn

area 45.227 km²

population 1.315.819

GDP 21,278 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Estonian

Gunther made three visits to the Baltic states on his journey. The region’s name comes from the Latin name of the Baltic Sea: Mare Balticum.
  • Gunther took the ferry from here to Helsinki in Finland
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  • From Poland, Gunther and Otto crossed the border into Lithuania
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  • A street sign pointing to Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) and Nida. The Nida peninsula in the Baltic belongs to Poland and Lithuania.
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  • Storks on chimney pots are a common sight in the Baltic
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  • The Catholic church of St Anne in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, is a fine example of Baltic Gothic architecture
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  • Crossing the border into Latvia in 2005
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  • Otto received a thorough inspection on entering the country
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  • Entering the Estonian capital Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located in the far north of the Baltic.
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