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Magnificent monuments and decaying factories are the legacy of socialism

date of entry 07/05/2006
mileage 536,035

capital Jerewan

area 29.800 km²

population 3.015.100

GDP 10,2478 Bill. US-Dollar

official language Armenian

The little republic of Armenia, in the Caucasus, has its own language, alphabet, and Christian church. For decades, the country has been locked in sometimes violent conflict with neighbouring Azerbaijan over the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, which is inhabited mainly by ethnic Armenians. There is no solution in sight.
  • the streets.
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  • Mount Ararat is often clearly visible from Armenia. It lies to the west of the country, on the Turkish side of the border.
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  • According to the Bible, this 5,137-metre peak is where Noah’s Ark ended up after the Flood.
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  • A break outside an Armenian apostolic chapel. The majority of people in the country belong to this denomination
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  • The Armenian language is Indo-Germanic in origin, has its own alphabet, and is spoken by only seven million people worldwide.
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  • As a former Soviet republic, Armenia still has many monuments from the second world war.
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  • These are still lovingly tended and decorated with fresh flowers in memory of the victims.
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  • Elderly women sweeping the paving stones
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  • The station in the capital, Yerevan, is a magnificent example of socialist architecture. In the Soviet era, Armenia’s mild climate made it a popular holiday destination.
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  • The city’s historic buildings are carefully tended…
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  • … as are its churches.
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  • But not so its factories, often huge, rusty Soviet-era edifices,
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  • Full of holes...
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  • Video: Armenia: industrial graveyards and mountain scenery

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